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How Does Weight Watch Detox Work?

Weight Watch Detox programs will gently remove toxins built up over years of living in today’s ever more dangerous environment where the air, land, water, and foodstuffs are  increasingly suspect. Our program of fresh natural cold pressed juices will reverse years of toxic buildup and leave you feeling fresh, vibrant and full of new found energy. A welcome additional benefit is certain weight loss and regeneration of many organs including the largest, your skin! Join us to Feel Great and Lose Weight!

Getting Ready

A 2-3 day preparation period is recommended to gain best results, as many foods take this time to pass through your system. Eliminating meat, alcohol, caffeine and all forms of refined sugar are the first steps. Replace these with raw fruits and vegetables wherever possible, and remember lots of water and herbal teas will aid in flushing the remnants of your digestive tract so it can begin to recuperate when the pure juices are introduced as your diet.Any withdrawal headaches or nausea will alert you that your body is beginning to recuperate and you should battle these symptoms as they will soon dissappear. You are on your way to Lose Weight and Feel Great!

After the Cleanse

Your body is now ready to ease back into a more normal eating pattern, and you should set the tone for your new regimen by starting back slowly. Raw fruits and vegetables initially ,salads and brown rice   and gradually working in more of your favorite steamed or poached fish and fowl for meat eaters will keep your body on the right path for continued weight loss or stabilization and your stomach will be agreeable to much smaller portions than before.You have come to know why we say Lose Weight and Feel Great!

Helpful Tips

  • Remember to always keep hydrated during your cleanse, plenty of fresh water and herbal teas will aid the process.
  • Hot showers, steam and sauna baths and body massage are all great ways to reward yourself and help the body to further it’s new found vitality.
  • Avoid overeating or binge eating after completion, as this will undo all of your hard work.
  • Doing the cleanse with a spouse or group will aid in a sense of competitive camaraderie and accomplishment when goals are reached.
  • Avoid places where temptations will be too great such as buffets, dinner parties and barbecues. They will still be there when you are ready after your cleanse!

Don’t Panic – These are only Symptoms

Before you even ask the question – lets just go through the below list and remain calm. Detox symptoms may include, but not limited too:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Constipation/Diarrhea
  • Skin Eruptions
  • Rash/Hives
  • Cold Sores
  • Dry Mouth/Furry Tongue
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Runny nose
  • A ton of energy
  • Increased sex drive
  • Overwhelming sense of calm and productivity

You can control and/or speed up any detox symptom you may experience. Some helpful remedies include herbal teas, which you may drink as much of as you like during your cleanse.

Help Your Body

Cleaning up what you eat means eliminating what you ate. This program triggers your body to gently start cleaning chemicals and toxins through your eliminatory organs. They’re all working together: the liver acts as the filter to remove foreign substances from your blood, then the kidneys filter the blood into the urine, while your lungs remove the exhaust you inhaled last week chasing the bus.

Your skin is your largest organ, and provides the most efficient and direct exit route for anything that needs to be “evacuated”.

Exfoliation is key! Dry skin brushing before a shower or before exercising will open up those eliminatory pores.

Exercise and sweat; remember that after exercising, you should shower as soon as possible. Sweat is a wonderful release, but only if it’s washed off soon afterwards. If not, your skin reabsorbs it!

A sauna or steam room is another trick to speed up any detox. Couple that with a series of hot/cold showers and you’ll feel like a new person. A hot bath works well too.

Get a massage; if your masseuse is made aware that you’re cleansing and gently and slowly massages the liver, it could possibly DOUBLE the effects of your cleanse! The liver gets extremely busy during a cleanse and is conveniently located where we can reach it. Applying physical manipulation to the liver will assist in its detox.

Use WWDetox alone or with your current diet to help stimulate and remove toxins.