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What people are saying about Weight Watch Detox.

I have decided that my three favorites were 2, 3 and 4. I liked the program, i felt hungry and less energetic the first couple of days, but as time went by i didn’t. I also preferred the juice to normal eating, because it meant less decision making for me (catering to my lazy side). I am going on a border run next week and will be in Malaysia, but when i return i will be placing an order (probably on the 24th) for another week’s worth of juices. My goal was weight loss, and i have achieved that quite nicely. On Monday when i started i was 133.4, and this morning i was 127.8, and i still have one and a half days to go.

Kinds Regards,

Guy McManus

Guy McManus

Hi Larry & Weight Watch Team,

I did a 10 days cleanse program a few weeks ago and God it was amazing; I loved the delivery service, support, the juices and obviously the feeling & results. My goal for the ten days was to cut my binge drinking habit, cleanse my body & get a fresh start to a new healthy life. My ten days cleanse did that and more; The best 10 days I can remember in many years, I felt calm and happy, no cravings, no stomach pain and managed with my depression & anxiety I have suffered with really well. I realized that I do not need medicine, I need Juices ūüėČ My family and friends also were happy to see me doing this. It was also nice to hear how others were interested and amazed to see how easy it was. The delivery service and numbered bottles were priceless. I got my juices in the office, in the cooler box, filled with ice, on time every morning or when I had day off, those were delivered to my house. Also always got few extra ones for the kids and friends to enjoy. Wish I could do this 5 days a week, all year round!!!!!

Johanna R

Absolute Team

Just finished day seven! Big thanks Weight Watch Detox! This was a great week for me and I actually dropped seven pounds as well. I didn’t feel hungry and I proved something pretty cool to myself by doing it! Thanks for all your support!

Natasha Horrelt

Hello & Sawadee Krup,

I have just completed the 10 day Cleanse, all juice no food and I feel great
Initially I thought it would be really difficult both physically and mentally, I expected to be feeling bad with headache’s that I usually get if I leave it too long between meals and thought I had (pardon the pun) ‘Bitten of more than I could chew’ going for 10 days, and would be willing the days on till the end, I was wrong.

It’s really Good, The juices obviously provide more than enough of what your body needs and I can honestly say I was amazed that I didn’t get hungry, like seriously amazing.

The Green juice started off being the one you have to get used to but after a couple of days that became my favorite, that and the delicious white mix.

A very enjoyable and positive experience.

I feel healthier, a lot less lethargic and literally clearer.

Having the juices prepared and delivered is blatantly the way to cleanse for me as my life can be quite hectic, ‘Weight Watch Detox’ makes it so easy,,,,

You get my Recommendation,

Thanks a million Weight Watch, Great job!

Jason Winder

Phuket radio personality

Day 20 weight watch detox tomorrow and feeling Like Superman, this is what its all about.!!!. MR JUICY weight watch detox – thanks for getting me hooked on your juices and lost 10 KG.

Jony Hirst

” I have just completed a 7 day programme with Ross.¬† I feel alive and energy filled. I did not get hungry nor did I feel the
need to  eat. The fresh juice delivery everyday was excellent, as you could then pack  your juices in a cooler box and go about your daily routine, without having to  worry about your next juice meal. The juices are numbered 1 to 6 for the day.  Plan on drinking 1/2 the bottle in the first hour, then the remainder in the  next hour. Then you start again on the next bottle. This way your body is using  up energy and not storing anything, as there is no need for your body to think  it will starve.

I also check my Blood Glucose levels every 2 hours, as I am  also on insulin I had my blood work up done yesterday and this is how I  improved over a 7 day cleanse:-

Fasting Blood glucose:88down from 140
Blood Pressure:115 / 70down from 140 / 80
Weight:28down 5.2 Kg
Uric Acid:3.4down from 8.7

I would¬† highly rate this¬†detox programme¬†to anybody. Go on, give it a try.”

Graham M’M

I completed a 6 day cleanse with Weight watch detox. The juices were great and I feel totally ‘rebooted’. All juices were delivered every morning fresh to my address in Phuket. I look forward to doing another cleanse next month. A great way to revitalize with totally healthy organic juices!

Simon Ashby

Just finished my 4 day juice cleanse; feel great, lost some weight & am thinking I will do it again, maybe longer next time. The amazing thing is, I enjoyed it. The juices are delicious, you don’t get hungry & feel great for it. Thank you

Codi Mansbridge

Just did a 7 day Weight Watch Detox Cleanse with magical juices delivered every morning fresh to my home in Phuket.

Had my bloodwork done before and after the amazing 6 juice-a-day cleanse. Didn’t eat a thing and surprisingly wasn’t hungry at all. Here’s the before and after bloodwork results:

  • Fasting Blood Glucose 121 down to 111.
  • Total Cholesterol 220¬†down to 196!
  • Weight down 6.9kg.

It’s worth it and I know my body is totally rebooted. Sugar and fats taste horrible to me now. Amazing results for me. Thanks!

Bill O’Leary